W.O.R.M.S., L.L.C. originated in January, 2010 by Jerry Scholder with the mentorship of Dr. Roy Hartenstein, Prof. Alumnus E.S.F. @S.U.N.Y.     In 2013, Garland Easter joined the company as a partner, bringing with him his expertise in a variety of areas, including:  over 30 years experience as a class A contractor and excavating business owner with experience in residential construction and specializing in sitework, foundations, concrete finishing and septic systems. A DPOR licensed aoss installer and operator, he has worked with a number of soil scientists, engineers and state and county inspectors during construction of numerous alternative onsite septic systems.

With corporate headquarters in Elkton, Va. and Cocoa Beach, Fl., W.O.R.M.S. mission is to provide scientific proof that earthworms, (primarily redworms) can be used as an alternative mechanism to convert sludge/biosolids to a Class A organic fertilizer meeting all criteria of E.P.A.'s Title 40: Code of Federal Regulations Part 503 Processes to Further Reduce Pathogens (PFRP) under Alternative 6.  Our proposed method, referred to as "Vermistabilization" is successfully used throughout the World as a safe, more environmentally beneficial and more affordable alternative to the U.S.A.'s present methods to reduce pathogens below detectable levels.  Current methods, including exposure to temperatures up to 356 degrees for a specific period of time; elevating pH levels, or other processes which are equivalent to a PFRP are costly, labor intensive, and in many cases result in a biosolid material that must be landfilled or deposited on land with pathogens still present, creating odors and potential harmful effects to land, animals and humans.   Utilizing information obtained from a previous study done in 1997 by Dr. Clive Edwards in Ocoee, FL,, W.O.R.M.S. has designed a pilot project to test the vermistabilization process for its ability to meet the standards required to be classified as an alternative method to creating a Class A material under E.P.A.'s Pathogen Equivalency Committee's recommendations.  This pilot project will take place at the Cocoa Beach, Fl.  Wastewater Treatment Plant facility sometime over the Summer of 2014.  




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Asiatic Lillies with WORMsoil

Jerry Scholder playing with his worms